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Golfers Hideaway is the premier indoor golf facility to learn and improve your golf game.
Providing a new standard for golf lessons in London, whether you are looking for beginner golf lessons or advanced. Trackman sessions, our tried and tested sequential golf lesson programs, highly qualified coaches and our technology, provide the perfect formula for improving your game like never before.

Call 548-688-4653 for more information

or to book time with a Golf Pro.

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 Whether a beginner or advanced player - our Coaches need to understand what you’d like to achieve with your golf game.  Then they will help you develop a plan to reach those goals.


During your first 1 Hour Coaching Session our Certified Professional will analyze your:

                            *  Grip

                            *  Stance

                            *  Backswing

                            *  Downswing

                            *  Impact position

                            *  Follow-through


Your coach will make some suggestions,  give you tips to improve your game and allow you some time to practice what you have learned.  


At the end of your session you may decide  you require further analysis and can then book a session using    one of the state-of-the-art pieces of diagnostic equipment  from our Training Studio:


We consider ourselves partners in your success.


  Take the first step to improvement, and book your first Private or Semi-Private Golf Coaching Session today!

Adult Coaching
(16 & up)

Adult Coaching

1 Hr - $125* 

  Adult Semi-Private Coaching

1 Hr - $175* 

               Adult 3 - 1 Hr Pack - $345*             


Adult 5 - 1 Hr Pack  - $575*

Junior Coaching
(15 & under)

Junior Coaching 

1 Hr - $95*   


Junior 3 - 1 Hr Pack - $285*   

Junior 5 - 1 Hr Pack - $475*  

Call 548-688-4653 for more information

or to book time with a Golf Pro.

* plus HST

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Golfers Hideaway Training Studio is outfitted with the most advanced golf technology available on the market today. And this technology is now available to all golfers, not just the Pros.   

MySwing 3D Motion Capture      (see video below)

TrackMan4     (see video below)

BodiTrak     (see Video below)

Golf Swing Evaluation

Putting Lab


Swing Catalyst

Gears Sports

Speed Training

Gap Your Clubs

Short Game Training

Call 548-688-4653 for more information

or to book time with a Golf Pro.

2020 Golfers Hideaway

22499 Jefferies Rd, Komoka, ON N0L 1R0

1+(548) 688-4653

My New Channel

My Swing 3D Motion Capture

Golf Swing Evaluation with TrackMan


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