Whether business or pleasure, on your own or in a group, TrackMan and GCHawk Virtual Golf Simulators offers outstanding graphics, realistic game play and comprehensive tracking giving you the most immersive experience of indoor golf ever


Golf Simulators

So Close to the Real Outdoor Golf Experience

TrackMan and GCHawk Golf Simulators offer some of the most prestigious courses in the world, as well as,  a few fictitious ones too.

Enjoy watching the ball fly through the air and roll in the middle of the fairway - as if you were out on the course yourself.

Outstanding graphics, realistic gameplay and comprehensive tracking that gives you the most immersive experience of indoor golf ever.

  • Improve your game with the most powerful and accurate golf launch monitor ever built.

  • Uses Dual Radar Technology to capture more data and details about your swing.

  • Analyze and diagnose your movement easily to make improvements faster.

  • Track the full ball roll of a putt.

  • Conclusive data is delivered in an easy-to-understand format, empowering professionals to excel in their training routines.

  • Don’t guess what you can measure.


Group Bookings and Parties

Due to Covid-19 we are currently booking a maximum of 2 players per bay i - 4. Due to their size, bay 5 holds 3 players and 6 holds 4 players.


Please call to see if we are able to safely accommodate your special occasion.


Whether you are entertaining corporate clients, networking, want to bond with your colleagues, or want an exclusive experience for friends and family, we’ve got the perfect space for you! 


Please tell us more about what you are looking for and one of our team members will get back to you.